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The Long-Distance Relationship: How to Make it Work

Living miles apart and trying to maintain a healthy relationship can be a huge challenge for many. Although long-distant relationships can be incredibly passionate and rewarding, there are some challenges faced when it comes to building and maintaing a strong, successful connection. 

Read more here http://www.meetmindful.com/long-distance-relationship-make-work/.

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How to Prepare Yourself for the Perfect Relationship

I work with a lot of men and women in their mid to late 20s and 30s that are often struggling with feeling 'stuck'. They have had a string of unsuccessful relationships, and are just feeling like their lives aren't going the way they want them to. One of the biggest things they tend to be looking for is that 'perfect' relationship.

These clients are certainly in the right place. Way too often, we enter into relationships that may seem to appease us for a short while when, in reality, they aren't the best thing for us. We have to first work on finding ourselves and gaining the autonomy to be ...

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The Importance of "I'm Sorry"

I can't count how many times I've talked to couples after some kind of disagreement where no one has said "I'm sorry". So often, it seems easier to walk away from an uncomfortable situation than to face it. While I often stress the importance of taking a 'time out' in a heated moment, taking accountability is way more integral to the health of your relationship. 

Read more about the importance of saying 'I'm sorry' in my article for MeetMindful.com.


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Help for the Holidays

....and just like that, we're in it. Holiday season. 

I'll be the first to admit; my excitement begins with the first pumpkin patch of the season. I'm a huge fan of Fall and Winter. I love the changing leaves, cozy sweaters, fresh, crisp air and, yes, SNOW. The holidays are coming, and it couldn't be a happier time of year. Right?

Even though I may be of the holiday-loving sort, that doesn't mean the holidays are easy. And those of us who belong to the holiday-music-all-day-every-day camp are just as likely to be stressed as those who belong to the are-you-kidding-me-it's-snowing-again? camp once the holidays are upon us.  

Over the years, as ...

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