Julie Gladnick, MA, LMFT
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Body Image Counseling

Men and women of all ages face challenges with their self-esteem and their body image. Sometimes, our feelings can be masked behind our bodies, the foods we eat, and how we treat ourselves physically.

Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, or battling negative self-thoughts about yourself and your body, I can help support you in the journey of uncovering causes of self-doubt and learning to embrace yourself, both inside and out.

Some of the symptoms that can go along with body image issues include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • excessive exercise or dieting
  • social isolation or avoidance due to feelings of low self-worth and self-image
  • relationship challenges due to low-self esteem 

Based on my own experiences, I know how difficult it can be to face the world when you are doubting your appearance.  We are often bombarded with messages of what 'beautiful' means relative to physical appearance instead of based on unique personality characteristics, strength and confidence. Unfortunately, our own inner-voice and self-critic are also the loudest, and it can be tormenting to feel like you cannot escape.

Many times, our tendency to focus on what's missing or imperfect about our appearance is really a mirror into what is missing or imperfect within ourselves. Controlling what we eat, how much we eat, how and when we exercise can become an all-consuming way to protect ourselves from feelings we're afraid to face and help us feel a false-sense of control. As a Denver Therapist, I hope to be able to help you identify some of the insecurities and struggles that lie beneath your image of your body, and help you come to a place of self-love and acceptance.

Many women who have struggled with their body-image often face greater emotional challenges during and after pregnancy.  There are so many physical changes when preparing your child for the world, and even more changes after you've had a baby.  I am passionate about helping guide and support women along the journey of prenatal and postnatal body changes, and helping you to embrace the amazing body you've been given.

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