Julie Gladnick, MA, LMFT
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Couples Therapy in Denver

Life is constantly changing, as are people. Even the healthiest of relationships require work, commitment, and effort. Marriage counselling and couples therapy is beneficial for all levels of relationships. Whether you need marriage counselling or couples therapy, Julie Gladnick, in Denver CO can help you and your partner use therapy.

Some of the issues I address in couples counseling include:

  • trust and jealousy issues
  • infidelity
  • lack of intimacy
  • divorce or impending divorce
  • parenting issues
  • addiction
  • eating disorders and body image
  • depression and anxiety
  • abuse in past relationships (sexual, physical and/or emotional)
  • general stagnation or complacency in relationship

Because we spend so much time with one person, it can be very helpful to have a compassionate yet neutral third-party help guide you through issues that may find you stuck.

Relationships sometimes go through growing pains; when life transitions happen, we often need to reevaluate our roles and rules within our partnerships.

I have worked with couples navigating their relationship after the addition of a child, working on communicating after becoming complacent and taking each other for granted and struggling to decide whether to go on as a team or go their separate ways.

I also work with a number of individuals who are needing support in creating healthy boundaries in their relationships and deciding whether to stay with their current partner, move on, or heal from a relationship or marriage that is ending or has ended.

Marriage Counseling

Many of the work I have done with the couples that I see is work that I have done in my own marriage. Marriages take an incredible amount of work. We often take for granted the person closest to us, and end up taking out most, if not all of our anxieties and stresses on them. It can be overwhelmingly difficult to feel like you are being heard in a relationship where it seems you are having the same argument over and over again. I can help work with you to identify the cycle in which you may be stuck, help you break it, and help you finally be able to listen to one another and feel the love and compassion that you likely felt at the beginning of your relationship.

My hope when working with couples is to help you in as little time as possible. I ideally hope that you will feel confident on your own within 3-6 months of working together, maybe more, maybe less. Many of the couples I have seen come in for tune-ups when they hit a bump in the road or have fallen back into their own cycles, as well.

I have been trained with a background that is guided by the theories and therapies of 2 leading clinicians in couples therapy: John Gottman and Sue Johnson (Gottman Therapy and Emotional Focused Therapy, respectively) I am constantly updating my education and experience through trainings and studies, and hope to be able to share some of my skill and knowledge with you. This fall (Sept '16) I will be continuing my education via trainings around Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy for Couples (PET-C), as well.

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, I am trained to help support you in whatever goals you may have both as a couple and as individuals. Please contact me for an initial phone consultation to determine if and how I may help you.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.