Julie Gladnick, MA, LMFT
(720) 446-8255

Personal Growth

Many of us are just trying to become the best person we can be.  We are trying to figure out who we are or what we want to do with our lives, or how to challenge ourselves to be better people.

I believe that our past experiences play a large role in how we view ourselves, our world and our relationships, and I am passionate about helping people explore their past in order to feel more complete and secure in their present and future. 

I often work with men and women who are working through a life transition and need support in doing so.  Many are transitioning from being a student to entering the working world, or some are in between roles, careers, or stages of their lives. It can be a very difficult time in your life if you are struggling with new roles and identities, and trying to figure out where you 'fit in'.  With support, you can challenge the voices of self-doubt and uncertainty and channel them into feelings of empowerment and drive. 

I believe in looking at the world with a glass-half-full mentality. Although I can personally attest to it not always feeling that way, I believe in the power of perspective and gratitude. I think that with a little introspection and dedication, you can embrace who you are at any stage of life. I would love to help support you in your journey to help you feel strong and confident in the person that you are.

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