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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders affect an increasingly large number of men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, even young girls are beginning to show signs of eating disorder symptoms at the onset of kindergarten and first grade.

I feel strongly that eating disorders are very much like any other addiction; behavior that helps manage underlying pain, sadness and anxieties. Unfortunately, in the case of an eating disorder, we need food in order to survive, very unlike most other addictions.

My own personal history keeps eating disorder recovery near and dear to my heart. I feel strongly that, with the help of family, friends and a team of professionals, those that are struggling with an eating disorder can find relief and hope to regain the life they deserve. 

Collaboration with Others for Treatment

I focus much of my work on client's who are committed to seeking treatment for their struggles, or who are in recovery. I believe that, in order to offer the best support to my clients in recovery, it is essential to collaborate with other professionals, as needed- nutritionists, primary care physicians, psychiatrists-as-needed, support groups, etc. 

Loved ones of Those Struggling with an Eating Disorder

I also encourage family members and loved ones to get involved with therapy, both with the person struggling with an eating disorder and on their own. I provide therapy for partners, parents, siblings and other loved ones of those struggling with eating disorders, as well.

Eating Disorder Recovery, Fertility, Pregnancy & Motherhood

I am passionate about working with woman and their partners who are in recovery from an eating disorder and are either planning to start a family, are pregnant, or are navigating the journey of new motherhood. Although eating disorders have much less to do with the body than many people think, how are body's change during and after pregnancy can be an incredible journey. It also posesses the ability to act as a trigger for those of us who are in recover from an eating disorder. 

My hope it to help support you in loving and nourishing your body in a way that helps create a hospitable and loving environment for creating a child, feeding your growing baby, and serving as a beautiful role model for your young children.

Questions about Eating Disorders

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What can I do if a loved one is suffering from an Eating Disorder?

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