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There is no intimacy in our marriage. Can you help us?

One glaring area of need when it comes to relationships is lack of intimacy. Though it is quite common, feeling unsatisfied with your sex life is not something that bodes well on a relationship. 

I often work with couples, some married and some not, that are seeking therapy to help them both feel more connected and understood. Very frequently, that includes an unsatisfactory level of intimacy for one or both partners. There are so many factors that go into having a healthy sex life, and my hope is that, in working together, I can help provide a safe place to explore such contributors.

Through both education and supportive and nonjudgemental therapy, we will work together to identify deeper held feelings, beliefs, attitudes and individual needs in both your physical and emotional relationship with your partner. While lack of intimacy is often a frontrunner in partner complaints, it is not always the only factor. Many times, one or both partners is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired/fatigued, hormonally off-balance and generally disconnected. Our work together will help to identify some of these underlying causes, as well as how to help feel more connected, or reconnected, on an emotional level.

A lot of the work we will do will also include how to identify what it is you are needing, and even further, how to communicate with your partner in a healthier way that helps him or her understand your needs and how to best support you.

The bottom line is, you are not alone. Lack or loss of intimacy is a common grievance among couples, and I hope to be able to help!

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