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I'm so overwhelmed with being newly pregnant/being a new mom. How can you help?

Finding out you are pregnant can bring a flood of emotions.  You may be elated, terrified, anxious, grateful, exhausted and overwhelmed with happiness and fear all at once. 

In addition to all of the feelings that may accompany finding out you are pregnant, the exhaustion and anxiety that come with being pregnant can also be overwhelming.  Whether you're feeling fearful about welcoming a new baby into your home, or struggling to manage all of the worries that come with actually being pregnant, I hope to offer a supportive space to help you feel less overwhelmed and more able to enjoy this special time of your life.

Many people are quick to talk about how wonderful new motherhood can be, while very few talk openly about what an incredibly difficult job it is. Between the drastic change in hormones, the sleep deprivation, and the incredible change in your lifestyle and relationship with your partner and potentially any other children, new motherhood can bring intense feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, overwhelm and even despair. 

As a relatively new mom myself, I understand first hand how daunting and surprising the emotionality of new motherhood can be. My goal is to support you in feeling safe to express yourself and help to normalize what you are going through.  I also welcome you to bring your little one along to our appointment, making it as easy as can be to get the support you may be needing.

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