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Help for the Holidays

....and just like that, we're in it. Holiday season. 

I'll be the first to admit; my excitement begins with the first pumpkin patch of the season. I'm a huge fan of Fall and Winter. I love the changing leaves, cozy sweaters, fresh, crisp air and, yes, SNOW. The holidays are coming, and it couldn't be a happier time of year. Right?

Even though I may be of the holiday-loving sort, that doesn't mean the holidays are easy. And those of us who belong to the holiday-music-all-day-every-day camp are just as likely to be stressed as those who belong to the are-you-kidding-me-it's-snowing-again? camp once the holidays are upon us.  

Over the years, as ...

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With the growing concerns around health and safety in our world today, I will be conducting sessions via Tele-therapy.

These are anxious and unprecedented times and I want to assure you I will continue to support our community as best I can in the foreseeable future. Current clients should look for communication from me regarding the process for setting up our sessions, and new clients can feel free to reach out to schedule an initial phone consultation .